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Welcome to the freebies section, a curated list of the tools and websites I strongly recommend for building and optimizing your business.

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Facebook Ads Copy Writing

I have referred to this Facebook™ Ad Copy Cheat Sheet so many times!  'Copy' is the art of writing words, compelling words.  
This cheat sheet is created by one of the best in the business; Elizabeth McKenzie @ Copy Boss.  She lays out exactly how to compose your Facebook™ad script, it's super easy!

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Facebook Ads Targeting

Want to know more about targeting your ideal customers with Facebook™ Ads?
There are some super special tips in this free cheat sheet! 
Check it out!

It is complied by guru Henry Biegacz and even includes a targeting checklist.
A fantastic resource.

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What Your Website Should Look Like

Your website layout & your customers:

Compare your website layout to this cheat sheet and you might find some things you can tweak to improve your customer conversions; people buying from your or contacting you for more info.

This is created by Paul @ One Page Traffic and is really interesting to look at and understand how your customer think.

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Network Marketer/MLM Bundle

The recipe for a successful community!
Get this amazing video series FREE!  

Put together by two amazing money making goddesses who really know how to attract the ideal client and guess what? Success leaves clues so check them out quick smart!

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